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The Hero Squad Colouring Book

Hero Squad French Version
July 6, 2016
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February 20, 2017

The Hero Squad
Colouring Story Book

A The Hero Squad is an action packed colouring book with a simple yet exciting storyline about a group of amazing kids dedicated to protecting the earth and its wildlife from the evil CORPOBOTS whose only aim is to grow their empire even at the expense of life on earth! /h5>

Follow Levi, Soul, Zariah and Liyah on an exciting adventure saving the planet from the evil CORPOBOTS one animal at a time!

Suitable for children between the ages of 3-9 years of age. This colouring book was created especially for black children and those with disabilities to elevate, enoble, empower and inspire them with the confidence that they too, no matter the odds, can achieve their goals!

"Amazing book! The drawings are very nice and the story well thought. It actually helps kids learn about the nature and its inhabitants while having fun.”

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The Inspiration

A fun project initially produced for my own kids which then developed into 'an action packed adventure colouring book' that lots of people including teachers wanted to get their hands on!

My children would not stop asking me to buy them more colouring books yet I noticed that there weren't any books whose main characters featured black kids. It seemed like all the children who featured as "Hero's" seldom, if ever, looked like them, and with that 'The Hero Squad' was born. Starring black children as the main characters with the addition of disabled characters, this book has but a simple message:

No matter what you look like, no matter the obstacle in life, you too can achieve your goals and be a massive blessing in this big wide world. This colouring book is unique as I added an action packed storyline that tells of adventure, trials and final triumph! Will you join the 'Hero Squad' as they embark on their epic adventure?

"Excellent!! Kids absolutely love it! Well worth the price.”

Amazon review

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