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How to draw a Bus

How to draw a Girl
February 20, 2017

Who would’ve thought that buses would be made to travelled over cars, yes, you read that right, over cars! Well that’s exactly what is happening in China. But our bus that we are taking on is alot less “wow” than that. At least, in that way anyway.


I’ve always liked the London Bus, well, not really. There was a particular bus I would always prefer to jump on, and that was the Routemaster. The bus above is the ‘new’ Routemaster that replaced the old one. It was a sad day when they phased that ol’ beauty out of service, yes sireee. I remember many a bruise I picked up by trying to jump off the ol’ Routemaster whilst it was driving between stops. Don’t worry it was my pride that was damaged more than my knee, lol.
It was so funny seeing my friends hurt themselves jumping on and off these buses, lol. But now that the world has gone all ‘health and safety’ on us, we can kiss goodbye to all that fun stuff and say hello to the future:


Soon we will all be driving around on our sofas with a max speed of 5mph dressed in nothing but our bean stained, cornflaked encrusted one-zees, surrounded in pillows. 🙂


Till then let us draw a bus:

If you would like to download a free bus colouring sheet click the button below:

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