Have you ever wondered why you cannot draw girls? Or why when you try to draw a girl or a woman it starts to look more like a man with a dress?


Not to worry I have the perfect ‘how to video’ for that. There are a few things you need to know first that will help you massively!

1. A girls head is actually shaped differently to a mans head. Take a look a the image below. You can see that if you simplify (or exaggerate) the shape of a woman’s face and compare it to that of a mans face, the difference between the two becomes obvious. The man has a more chiseled squared looking face especially his chin and the woman has a more slender pointy one.



2. Look carefully at her eyes and compare them with the mans. What is the most obvious difference? The eyelashes are longer. They also appear to be a lot more curvier.


3. Moving down the face we come to the mouth. Here is the difference most of us notice. We’ve all done drawings of girls and always seemed to draw this difference.


4. Lastly, and there are more but for the sake of simplicity for now we will focus on the hair. Usually, and yes you’ve guessed it, a girls hair is longer than a boys. Its best to draw hair as if its a whole shape instead of trying to draw each little strand of hair. First block in the overall shape of the hair then add the little strands here and there where there is a highlights.


If you remember to add all of this simple pointers to the next time you go to draw a girl I guarantee they will look a lot more like a girl.

Here’s a video of me drawing a girl following the rules above, enjoy:

And if you would like to download a free colouring sheet of a girl click on the button below: