Entertainment that Inspires

It's starts by something simple.

Sometimes all it takes to begin writing is a glimpse of a cool car, or bug or an experience at the park with my kids.

Several drawings later a book is formed!

I sketch out the main scenes that come to mind…for hours and hours and yes you’ve guessed it, hours.

Then it goes out to the inspire the world.

The sketches being finalised, the storyline edited and we have a book that will inspire and uplift our children.

The Hero Squad: Colouring Book With Adventure

The first in a series of colouring books for kids. Follow the ‘hero squad’ kids as they set out to defeat the evil corporobots.

The Hero Squad (French Version)

Le hero Squad: L’ivre d’histoire a dessiner (version francais). Pour tous ceux qui parle fran├žais.

The Hero Squad Free Download Colouring Sheets

You can download our Hero Squad drawing tutorial colouring sheets absolutely FREE! Check back here as I regularly update them too.

The Hero Squad Part 2: Colouring Book & Comic

Very excited to announce that the second in the series of ‘The Hero Squad’ is coming out real soon. Check back for updates.
Hero Squad is Avaiable on Amazon
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What parents have been saying about Artzinspired children’s books:

Amazon Customer

Excellent!! Kids absolutely love it! Well worth the price…excellent product!”





“This is such an amazing colouring book. I’ve had a great time using it and my kids love it to.”